Our PSBK Client Portal is a great way to securely send/receive files with us. If this is your first time here, please read the information below to learn more about this new feature.

If you haven’t signed up for a Portal yet, you can >Contact us to request more details.

>About the Portal:

In a digital world, you’re often still on the job long after “traditional” business hours. Our firm recognizes this and understands the demands of today’s competitive climate. That’s why we’re always looking for ways that will make it easier and faster for you to get the service you need from us – anytime, day or night. And that’s why we offer the PSBK Client Portal.

The PSBK Client Portal uses the power of the Internet to let you access our services directly from our website. It’s like a virtual visit to our office, thanks to a secure, private portal that’s created especially for you. (If you’ve ever checked your banking information or personal investments online, then you’ve accessed a portal – it’s that simple.) You can simply visit our website, enter your private portal, access the services you need, and be on your way!

  • Convenient – Access your information 24/7, from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

  • Secure – Enter your password-protected portal and securely access documents and software, transfer data, and exchange information with our firm. We use the same security protocols that banks use in order to ensure that your data remains safe!

  • Fast – Within minutes you can access files and software, enter data, and more!

The PSBK Client Portal services are designed to provide you with quick and convenient access to your information using the power of the Internet. We understand that striking a work-life balance is a continuous process. Demands on your time change as your family, work life, and interests change. The PSBK Client Portal is available when you want it; you don’t have to plan your schedule around our office hours. And best of all, we’ll help you customize the PSBK Client Portal specifically for your business using a combination of these services:

  • Document Presentation – Need a copy of your financials or a tax return to apply for a bank loan? Or need payroll reports for an early morning meeting? Just log into the PSBK Client Portal and view or print your information.

  • File Exchange – Retrieve and send documents we’re working on together via your portal. It’s a great way to share files quickly and securely.

As your accounting firm, we’re pleased to have earned your trust and confidence. We understand the value you place on your security and privacy and we value them as much as you do. We offer this online service with your needs – for readily accessible, secure information – in mind.

When you use the PSBK Client Portal, you can be assured that your software and data are in the most secure location available – a Class-IV, IBM certified data center. The data center takes every precaution to guarantee the safety and integrity of your data. Built-in redundancy with automatic failover to a mirrored facility continuously ensures the availability of the environment under even the most extreme circumstances.